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New Year, New Plans, New Problems!

When that clock ticks over to a New Year, we have our resolutions all planned out! We are going to lose weight, learn to fly, buy a car, get a cat—and somehow, change from what we were, to what we want to be. We planned on making those changes January 1. Boom! Just like that! CHANGE!

But today is January 5. We’re hungry and that cinnamon roll smells so good! What’s difference will one day make? One yummy bite? We havn’t made it to be the airport to sign up for flying lessons. Maybe next week. Why do we need to do that anyway? It costs money. Besides, it’s scary. Nothing wrong with the old car. That Mercedes was a pipe dream anyway. Cats pee on the carpet.

So much for those resolutions. We are who we are. Right?

Of course none of those things matter. What matters is that it’s easier to dream of change, to plan it…than to actually change. Could mean people are basically a lazy lot. Could mean we need a nudge. A rational. A plan. Here are three mental health hacks to help. It’s worth a watch at least!



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