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Journaling for Mental Self-Care

Mindy Lawrence

Self-care is designed to ease our frustration and anxiety caused by everyday life. It’s not just pleasant baths and massages. It can also include journal writing.

When we talk about journaling, we’re not only talking about paper journals but also about digital work, too. Sometimes people feel their words are safer in WORD than on paper. You can lock your computer journal. Just don’t forget the password. The only negative about using the computer, iPhone or iPad is that writing with a pen on paper influences more parts of your brain.

If you write for a living, you still can benefit from keeping a journal. It’s different from writing about your character or about the topic your article is on. It’s digging into what makes you, you and how to keep your mind healthy.

Another part of journaling is using sketching and writing together -- not to try and be DaVinci but to use lines and color as tools for relaxation. Sketchbook Skool is a great place t learn how.

The articles below cover several different ideas on journaling for mental strength. Read them to get more information.

Why you Should Use Writing to your Self Care Routine, American College of Healthcare Science

Journaling Is a Self-Care Practice That Requires Just 15 Minutes of Your Day—Here's How to Start, Martha Stewart Blog
The Writer’s Guide to Self-Care and Preservation, NY Book Editors

10 Self-Care Journaling Ideas to Nurture Yourself, Antimaximalist, Eric

Keeping a Self-Care Journal,, Taylor Bennet



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