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We all have a social and mental side. All of them together form our mental health. Mental health is important from the time we are born until we leave the scene. Biology, family history, and our experiences can spur mental health problems that may happen in our lives.
Positive mental health allows people to lead a successful life and realize their full potential. A healthy mental balance allows people to cope with stress, be productive at work, and be a positive influence.
According to mental, you should get professional help if you need it, connect with others, help others, get enough sleep and develop coping skill when problems appear.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the number or people seeking help with their mental health has exploded. Depression has increased. Referrals to mental health professionals has doubled. Psychologists are busy trying to get these needs met. In order to fill
the demand for psychological help, many professionals have begun online meetings with their patients. As danger from COVID changes, doctors are opting for an approach using both the internet and seeing patients in person.


What is Mental Health?

Types of Mental Health Problems

U.S. Psychologists See Big Spike in Demand for Mental Health Care, USA Today

Why 1320 Therapists are Worried about Mental Health in America Right Now, NY TImes



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