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Depression is real for many people. Among its symptoms are ongoing sadness, feelings of worthlessness, problems with concentration, problems sleeping, and a decrease in energy. Adults and older people sometimes develop depression due to physical ills such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and Parkinson’s disease while children can display moods swings and anxiety.

Medication and therapy can help. Although every patient is different, a trial of possible medications to find the best one for each person can help. Talk therapy with a counselor can be beneficial. ECT therapy (electroconvulsive therapy) is also useful in severe cases. Other therapies are being explored.

Causes of depression can include blood relatives who have been depressed, issues with trauma and stress, medical problems, life changes, medications, plus alcohol and drug use.

Depression affects your entirely, body, mood, and thought. It can be impossible to get yourself together to function normally. It occurs in at least three forms:

· Major depression: This form impacts your ability to work, sleep, and eat. It can occur more than once over time.

· Dysthymia: This form is not as severe as major depression but can still keep you from living a quality life.

· Bipolar disorder: A recurring condition that is chronic and includes cycles of extreme lows (or depression) and extreme highs (called hypomania or mania).

People rarely snap out of depression on their own. Treatment can help someone live a better life.


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