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15 Minutes of Daily Mental Hygiene

Mindy Lawrence

Life gets hectic and stressful. When this happens to you, you need to take a mental health break. It’s like removing plaque from your teeth or dirt from under your fingernails. Mental hygiene removes “plaque” from your brain.

Although longer periods of time are better, taking just 15 minutes in the morning and making it a habit will make you feel better. It can lower your cortisol and give your body fresh air.

Here’s a simple guide for a 15-minute program:

(5 minutes) Go for a walk.
(5 minutes) Drink your morning coffee slowly, taking some deep breaths.
(5 minutes) Stretch. Use basic yoga or similar exercises.

You don’t have to do these particular things. You can exchange them for something similar. Feel free to arrange your time in a way that is helpful for you.


Mental Health Hygiene - CNN



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