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By Mindy Lawrence

As long as I can remember, I‘ve heard the phrase “locker room talk.” It’s supposedly the rough and tumble banter that goes on in a sport’s locker room where “he-men” are gathered discussing “he-men” things – like women. It has become much more of a problem since women began to interview men in locker rooms and also because of the increased issues about sexual assault. Could this be a training field?

Locker room talk has its detractors but also people who say it’s not as bad as reported. Situations are not the same from time to time, but it’s sad that this type of demeaning talk about women exists at all.

In 2017, an article written by Mark Greene (see below) discusses how much damage talk does to MEN. He says, “locker room talk teaches men to bond by denigrating all things feminine. We hide our authentic selves, suppressing our capacity to form meaningful relationships, romantic or otherwise.” Maybe thinking that men harm other men by talking this way will have an impact on its occurrence.

If someone you know talks this way, do all you can not to join in. Just say, ‘I’m not so sure about that.” Don’t pass up the opportunity to not join in.


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This locker room talk is not what you think — and that's the point, Susannah Hutcheson, USA Today



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