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By Mindy Lawrence

Sexual consent is an important part of sexual relations. Getting and giving permission to have sex with someone, or someone else with you, is vitally important both emotionally and legally. Without it, going further than someone wants you to is considered sexual assault.

Here are some pointers on consent:

Sexual consent MUST be clear! Assuming the other person is ok with it is not enough. They must TELL you they are. Make sure because going ahead without consent is assault.

You can change your mind about whether or not to continue even after you’ve begun to have sex.

Checking with your partner and having your partner check with you is very important. If the other person seems uncomfortable, ask before proceeding

Slowing down or stopping completely is fine

Drinks and drugs affect whether or not consent is valid. It’s NEVER ok to continue with sex if someone is incapacitated.

Only a fraction of those who have been assaulted report it. If this has happened to you, please call:

National Sexual Assault Hotline
Hours: Available 24 hours

They will be able to help.

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