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Mindy Lawrence

This is the anniversary of a dear friend’s death 26 years ago. I don’t remember him with the same pain I had then, but I remember what that pain was like and how hard his death was for me to take. Getting over grief is difficult. For me, It’s now bearable yet still part of my memories.

Grief has stages that were studied and set down in 1969 by psychologist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in her book Death and Dying, She listed the stages of grief as:

· Denial & Isolation: in this stage, the body goes numb in shock and disbelief. It is worse the closer the person was to you. If it is you, you often can’t accept the truth in the beginning.
· Anger: A person often becomes angry at the path someone took or at the thought of the person leaving them behind.
· Bargaining: In this stage, a person can try to make a deal with their higher power or with doctors to plead for a different outcome.
· Depression: Depression sets in, realizing that nothing can change the situation. It signifies the loss of hope in a change in circumstances.
· Acceptance: The person accepts their fate or the fate of another person. This stage can bring calm and understanding.

Many places offer grief therapy, usually in a group meeting with other sufferers. It is worthwhile to participate in such counseling. However, the only true way of healing is through the passage of time. Time doesn’t make grief go away but it softens the pain.

Also, it is good to mention that a person often grieves about the loss of a pet in the same way as if they had lost a family member. They have.


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