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Mental abuse is a form of control in which you are made to feel worse about yourself. It’s a mechanism for control. The effects of mental abuse are hard to deal with much less recognizing it.

Abusers blame all their problems on someone else and accuses that person of never doing anything that is right. They deflect their actions onto others. Abusers are often jealous.

Abusers use control as a weapon to get what they want from the other person. They sometimes tell women that they can’t go out of the house to work, must wear what they chose for them to wear, and can’t see their friends.

Relationships can develop co-dependency issues. A partner attempts to make the other one feel they have no choice but to stay in the relationship. The abuser will attempt to stop relationships between family or friends to make their partner believe that they must rely on them only. Abusers also use emotional neglect and humiliation to get what they want.

If you are in a relationship like this, get out. Call 911 if the situation becomes a threat. Don’t try and reason with the abuser. They do not understand reason. Leave and don’t return. Family, friends, and clergy can help you. Also, mental health professionals are available to help you.


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