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Mindy Lawrence

Although women are more susceptible to sexual abuse, a man can also face the same treatment by a woman. Someone can follow him around, throw themselves at him, touch him, and make him feel uncomfortable. She can let him know in no uncertain terms what she wants. If the man is not interested, is married, or the aggressor is a co-worker, it becomes problematic. He’s saying no, but the woman isn’t listening.

Josh Levs was such a man. Below you will find a link to his story and a video where he explains what happened. His situation wasn’t physically threatening but could have cost him his job.


When Men are Sexually Harassed, Taylor Ring, David M. Ring

Yes, Men Cab Be Sexually Harassed, PLBSH

I’m a Man who was Sexually Harassed by a Woman, TIME, Josh Levs

The Other Me Too: Male Sexual Abuse Survivors, Psychiatric Times,



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