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EMOTIONAL ABUSE: Dealing with a Manipulative Person

Manipulative people harm others. We’ve all known one or more of these individuals. They take advantage of their victims to get what they want: Power, control, privilege, and benefits. Although more common in close relationships, manipulation can also happen in casual interactions.

According to “Manipulation: Symptoms to Look for” on WebMD, some examples of manipulation techniques include:

● Guilt
● Complaining
● Comparing
● Lying
● Denying
● Feigning ignorance or innocence
● Blame
● Mind games
Manipulators use people’s weaknesses and insecurities to get what they want. They know what those vulnerabilities are. They attempt to make someone give up something that they feel is important and, if successful, continue using the same methods over again. The victim is trapped until they can find a way out of the situation.

If the person manipulating you is a family member, there are several things you can do.
· Communicate with all family members who are victims.
· Decide if you are thinking correctly about the situation and not what the manipulator wants you to think.
· Set boundaries with the person manipulating you and others.
· YOU decide where to engage the manipulator. Don’t let them have control.
· Have patience. Be forgiving but make sure they know it’s THEIR decision whether or not to stop controlling others.

You care about all your family members. Offer them a way out.
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