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Depression and Shopping

Mindy Lawrence

When I was going through a divorce many years ago, I had no idea how depressed I was. I bought something to make me feel better. It worked until the guilt from spending the money swooped in. Then I’d get even more depressed, buy something else, and feel guilty again. Unfortunately, my mind didn’t connect this with depression nor with the damage it was doing to my waning marriage. Now I know it was a clear sign of problems with both.

According to the article Why Retail “Therapy” Makes You Feel Happier by Cleveland Clinic, these are some signs of a shopaholic:
· Preoccupation with and difficulty resisting buying unneeded items.
· Spending a lot of time doing research on items that may or not be needed.
· Financial difficulties because of uncontrolled shopping.
· Problems at work, school or home because of spending that’s gotten out of control.

The best path to solving this problem is to get help. Seek a professional to help you discover the reasons for your struggles.


Depression and Shopping Behavior

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