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Mindy Lawrence

Advertising entices people to buy items that they may or may not need. Ads show how much better someone’s life will supposedly be with a particular new gadget-outfit-car-appliance. They attempt to convince someone that THIS grocery store has the best deals. They make you think you can save money at their outlet when you are actually spending to get a supposed deal.

People who are depressed, lonely, or addictive can get pulled into the bad habit of shopping when they don’t feel mentally well. People shop to feel better.

Ads prey on emotions. Some make people feel less than wonderful about themselves and suggest that a certain product can make their lives better. An example is ads from a company that convinces women that their product can combat sweat under their breasts. Also, a product for women advertises how much better a woman's life will be with a vaginal deodorant. They will be more socially acceptable.

The links below give more details on how advertising links to depression.


Advertising and Mental Health, Adblock Bristol (UK)

Ads Blamed for Childhood Stress

When Facebook and Instagram Think You're Depressed, Vice, Kari Paul

Burger King is the Latest Brand to Use Depression as a Marketing Tool, VOX, Kaitlyn Tiffany

The Obsession with Beauty and How it Leads to Depression, Discovery Mood and Anxiety Program, Ben Mahoney

Is “Sex Sells” Still True? Better Marketing, Ash Jurberg



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