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Learning How to Love Starts Early!

Mother and Child

It all begins when we are babies. Our first connections are with the folks who hold us, feed us, hug at us. We learn how to love before we are two years old from those who love us. So we show those feelings to other people that same way -- a chain of love that looks and feels familiar.

But what if someone you care about doesn't respond to your way of showing love? Larissa Lavesque writes about what we each expect and why we might be disappointed if those expectations aren't met. There's a scientific name for this problem, "Attachment theory." And she discusses how this connect/disconnect might impact your life in her article, "Four Attachment Styles and How they Impact Your Relationship"

To learn about this topic, go to the Inner Growth Counselling by Larissa Lavesque, November 3, 2021:


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