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The family plays an important role in shaping individual character. The culture, social development, and ethics we learn through our close relatives is key to our development. We learn our values at home. If we have confidence in our family, we feel more at ease knowing that we have support.

The lessons we learn in our families set the stage for our development. When we run into difficulties, we can depend on our family members for help. Members of our family encourage us and offer us affection. Our family gives us a sense of belonging. Also, the relationship we have with our family teaches us to have better relationships later in life.

When you become an adult and begin raising your children, everything you learned in your family becomes more meaningful. You are now in the position to pass on those influences to your children. You can pass on these lessons by:

Offering praise to your children.
Give attainable expectations.
Listen to your children.
Help them meet obstacles by telling them effort over time produces results.

Your family is the most important group you ever belong to. Pass on the good things you learned.


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