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The young girl did everything to please her mother. She picked up around the house, took the clothes off the clothesline, and swept and mopped the house. Yet, it seemed to always be the case that her mother found an opportunity to call her STUPID. The young girl still remembered this when she was an adult with children of her own.

Calling a child STUPID or using other unkind words with them can cause long-term difficulties. The child can feel unloved and unable to reach the parents' demands- Sometimes the child becomes sensitive to everything that parent says. She may compare it to what others say about her. The child can become quiet — or explode. She is never happy.

As adults and parents, we can protect our children from these awful problems by not attacking them with words. Don’t respond to a situation before stopping and thinking what to say that is kind. If you are extremely upset, go splash cold water on you face and cool off. Go outside and walk it off. Call a friend and talk, not about the child.

The child can talk to clergy, a friend, a relative, or a teacher about the problem. They should not hold it in.


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