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Name Calling and How to Deal with It.

Name-calling is the use of abusive language and/or insults directed at other people or groups. It can also include relating a group or person to a negative symbol such as saying that all politicians are “stingy.” Using negative words against individuals can be debilitating.

According to “The effects of name-calling on youth mental health” on the site Openminds, name-calling can cause:

· Loss of self-esteem
· Impacted mood
· Encouraged violence
· Self-criticism
· Damaged overall well-being
· Compromised beliefs, values, and self-worth

Family members sometimes must deal with name-calling from another family member. This affects self-worth and can cause the victim to shrink from participation in the family and also with individuals outside the family.

There are things that make name-calling easier to deal with according to the Glsen article, “4 Things I Wish I Knew About Name Calling”:

Practice self-care
Take time to get away and focus on your own mental health. Make tea. Write in a journal. Read. Get out from others and walk.

Ask for help
Reach out to a counselor. Talk to someone you trust and ask them for help.

Know it won’t last forever
As you go through life, you will develop skills in dealing with name-calling. People will grow up and stop using immature ways to bully people.

Remember you’re a valuable person
When others call you bad names to make you feel small, realize that you are continuing to grow and are so much more than hateful words.


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