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Mindy Lawrence

You’ve made the decision to get help for your mental health and have an appointment to see a therapist for the first time. What’s the session going to be like? What are you going to say? All first time patients have these questions and have the need to know something about the process before they sit down with the therapist.

Here are a few ideas:

· Remember there’s no right and wrong topic for therapy sessions.
· It may help for you to get a piece of paper or your cell phone and list the issues you want to talk about.
· Bring up issues you are having at the moment.
· Discuss parts of your past that seem relevant.
· Discuss your relationships and how they affect your mental health.

These are just a few pointers. You will find many more in the links below.


What Do I Talk About In Therapy, GoodRX Health, Jennie Bedsworth, LCSW

Not Sure What to Talk About in Therapy? 12 Things to Consider, Healthline, Simone Marie

11 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Therapy Right Now, SELF, Anna Borges

What To Talk About In Therapy: A Guide To Getting The Most Out of Your Sessions, Sync, Rachel Engles



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