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Tattoos as Anxiety Therapy

by MIndy Lawrence

Going through a traumatic event can be tough. Getting a tattoo to symbolize the struggle can be a therapeutic way to know you've moved on from that trouble, and as a way for you to say, "This is now, that was then." William Drake, How Anxiety Tattoos Can Change your Life

People use many different ways to combat anxiety. A way that is popular now is to get a tattoo. Tattoos can represent anything you like or nothing. They can just be attractive to the person getting one. Some people see them as sacred, a way to remember an event or of a person they have come in contact with or lost. If you chose to get a tattoo, there is no reason not to.

Tattoos as Therapy

Tattoos are at least 12,000 years old. According to the website

The oldest physical proof of tattoos has been found on an ancient mummy from the Alps, called Ötzi. The prehistoric human has been dated to around the 5th to 4th millennium BC.

Tattoos can help people deal with a traumatic event—like a war, death in the family, or survival from a deadly disease—and remind someone of the struggles they’ve faced or are facing. Symbols like the puzzle piece for autism can remind someone of the challenges they face or that someone they love. are facing. They can relieve some of the anxiety around what someone is experiencing.

In some countries like India, tattoos are used as religious symbols. Others believe systems use them to mark their bodies to display a particular faith. More recently, the tattoo of a semi-colon has been used for suicide prevention and to promote mental health awareness. People can get a huge mental health boost from getting a tattoo.

Tattoos and Personality: Tattoos can’t change who you are, but they can highlight it.

  • It can set you apart.

  • They can boost your confidence.

  • They are reassuring

Advantages: Here are some of the advantages of getting a tattoo.

  • · Tattoos can boost your immune system.

  • · They are a form of self-expression.

  • · They carry an emotional component.

  • · Tattoos cover marks and body scars.

  • · Tattoos can initiate conversations.

  • · Tattoos can enhance self-confidence and self-esteem

  • · Tattoos go with you to the grave

Disadvantages: There are less positive aspects of getting a tattoo.

  • · May limit your career path

  • · People may continue to ask about your tattoo

  • · Some ink is a health risk

  • · It’s permanent

  • · It can be painful

  • · Allergies

Final Thoughts

Tattoos can help with someone’s mental outlook or make them feel special. They can be fun or a sign of remembrance. They can be spiritual. If you decide to get a tattoo, do your research on the best places to get the work done and consider the cost and the pain. The decision is yours.


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