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by Mindy Lawrence

Financial Stress is: “A condition that is the result of financial and/or economic events that create anxiety, worry, or a sense of scarcity and is accompanied by a physiological stress response.” ... Chronic Financial Stress is the most typical intersection where financial and physical health mutually impact.

With the pandemic causing a lack of work and spotty rehiring, more people find themselves in financial straits. Savings have dwindled and people are frustrated. When people deal with anxiety,, depression, and fear over monetary issues, a person’s mental and physical health takes a beating. When you can’t keep up with your basic needs--rent,/mortgage, food, finances, water, and health costs--the body goes into an automatic stress response. It can affect your sleep and can reduce the body’s ability to deal with inflammation.

Aside from all these ways that financial stress affects people, it can also cause increased problems with gastric-intestinal issues like bloating and nausea. It’s also been associated with an increase in diabetes and arthritis. lists these possible ways to handle financial worries:

· Prioritize things you can control like your food budget or going out to eat.
· Find ways to earn extra money.
· Pay essential bills. Prioritize what you must spend and pay the most important first.
· Save money if you have that option. Put back what you can each payday, even if it’s only a small amount.
· Keep track of the money you save and earn. Figure out exactly where you stand. It may not be pleasant but it will be beneficial to know.
· Talk to your lenders. Sometimes they will be willing to help you make reduced payments.
· Consult a financial advisor if you can. They can help you organize a plan.

Financial troubles are major upsets. Get all the help you can and save your health.

More links are available below than normal in these posts. It’s important that people find a way to deal with their financial situation before it causes major health problems. Hopefully, these links will help you find some answers.


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