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Frustration is the feeling of anger we get when we have the inability to achieve something we try to do. Everyone has times when they feel frustrated but often it becomes so prevalent that it causes anger.

What are the components of frustration?

  • · Work-related stress can cause frustration.

  • · Pursuing a goal you can’t attain.

  • · Trying to solve a problem and not finding the solution

Continuation of failure to achieve goals or faulty problem solving can lead to several stronger problems:

  • Loss of temper

  • Tapping fingers or other repetitive motions

  • Giving up on the task

  • Sadness or anxiety

  • Lowering the level of self-confidence

  • Lack of sleep

  • Turning to drugs or alcohol

  • Change in eating habits

  • Self-punishment

  • Possible aggression

Learning to cope with frustration?

Finding the roots of frustration can help you find a way out. You can talk to someone you trust and get to the root of the situation or take up a practice like journaling or an art form. Attempt to find a different way to accomplish your goal. Rework you plan. Accept the situation as something you can’t change. Get exercise to relieve stress. All of these ways can help you recover.

If you continue to have problems, find counseling, or sign up for a support group.


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