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Vulnerability can be uncomfortable but it’s the direction to joy and love. It’s a strength and not a weakness. It builds empathy and helps us establish good emotional and mental health as we learn to take risks in order to grow.

Many people think that being vulnerable is a negative. The truth is that no one can live without some vulnerability. It doesn’t mean full disclosure of all that you are and it’s not comparing you to someone else. Everyone has it. Everyone needs it.

By allowing others to know your desires and emotions you make it possible to express yourself. Being vulnerable allows you to develop:
· Strength in facing challenges. It makes you more open to facing difficulties.
· Stronger relationships that develop intimacy, compassion, and human connection.
· Accepting where you are different from others and embracing those differences.

Being vulnerable takes courage, when you let go of what others think of you, you allow yourself to deal with other struggles more mindfully There’s no such thing as “perfect” so don’t hold yourself to an impossible standard.



Recovering from the Fear of Vulnerability, Lisa Fritscher

Vulnerability: The Key to Better Relationships, Mark Manson

Why Vulnerability is a Strength, Mark Manson



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